Today’s laminate so closely resembles hardwood, you’ll have trouble spotting the difference.

A tribute to modern manufacturing, laminate flooring continues to make innovative breakthroughs. It now conveys the authentic look of wood or ceramic tile. A variety of shades and finishes allows you to choose the wood look down to the species and now, laminates are mimicking hardwood even more.


Laminate is constructed in layers to create lasting, affordable, beautiful floors.
Four layers of material, each with its own purpose, are fused together to create laminate flooring that is durable and will last for years to come.


Layer 1: A melamine backing layer provides a moisture barrier and structural integrity.

Layer 2: Is the dense inner layer made of recycled wood fiber meaning fewer trees used with less waste.

Layer 3: Beneath the top layer is the decor layer featuring natural hardwood designs.

Layer 4: A melamine wear top layer offers a tough, beautiful finish.