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Caring for Your Wood Floors

POSTED ON: 06/01/2020

Wood floors in Lafayette, LA take quite a beating over their lifetime.  Spills, drops, and scratches from furry paws or shoes, all can make a once gleaming floor appear dull and used.  With proper care and prevention, however, wood floors can appear new for decades.  First in the line of defense for wood flooring in Lafayette, LA is prevention.  Placing mats at entryways for wiping off shoes and paws prevent water, mud, and dirt from being tracked through the house.  Setting up storage for shoes can set up your family habits to remove shoes upon entry into the home, which can also prevent debris from making its way into the home as well as prevent hard shoe soles from damaging the floor as well. Make sure furniture has floor protectors on legs and use rugs to not only cozy up a space but prevent high traffic areas from sustaining heavy use.

Wood floors require different cleaning methods and solutions than tile flooring or composite flooring.  For a quick clean, a dust mop with a microfiber pad works wonders.  It can pick up dust, hair, and animal fur with no problem.  Some dust mops require an extra cleaning agent, and if that is the case make sure it is good for wood floors.  When vacuuming, avoid attachments with a beater bar as this will scratch the surface.  Use the floor brush attachment weekly or twice weekly instead.  A lot of the time, you will be instructed not to mop solid wood floors but that is not the case.  There is a right way to mop floors, and a good mopping can keep wood floors in prime condition.  To make sure you are using the best cleaner and conditioner for your floors, speak to your flooring dealer in Lafayette, LA or the company that makes the floors.   They will know the best way to care for your flooring.