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Carpet: Lush Beauty

POSTED ON: 12/02/2019

While hardwood floors have dominated the interior decorating scene in recent years, nothing beats carpet in Lafayette, LA for style and comfort.  Carpeting comes in two main categories, cut-pile and loop-pile, and a combination of the two can be used to create designs in the carpeting. 

Cut Pile

Within this category of carpeting there are three types of piles.  Cut-pile plush, cut-pile twist, and frieze.  Cut-pile plush creates a velvety, soft look with an upright, formal finish.  Sometimes called velvet or velour carpeting, cut-pile plush carpet is a short pile that is slightly twisted.  It is prone to showing footprints and vacuum tracks, but otherwise looks very neat and tidy.  Cut-pile twist carpeting has a high pile with twisted threads that lie in different directions.  With the textured style of the carpeting, it is less likely to show tracks from footprints or vacuums and is more appropriate for higher traffic areas than cut-pile plush carpeting.  Lastly, frieze carpet offers a shaggy look desirable for less formal areas that need durable flooring.  Frieze carpet can come in high or short pile, with thick or thin threads.

Loop Pile

Loop-pile carpet in Lafayette, LA is exactly how it sounds.  The threads of the carpet come up and loop back down into the mat.  There are three different types of loop-pile carpeting: level loop, multi-level loop, and sisal loop pile.  Level loop pile has loops all at the same height, and is well suited for high traffic areas.  Multi-level loop pile has varying heights of loops.  They can be varied in sequence or randomly to create patterns or texture.  Sisal loop carpeting has textured loops in straight rows and comes in a variety of patterns and textures. 

Carpets that combine the two types of piles often do so for more visual patterns and designs.  When you choose your type of pile, carpet installation in Lafayette, LA is an easy process and the floors are low maintenance throughout their life.