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Choosing a Flooring Dealer

POSTED ON: 07/31/2019

               Choosing a flooring dealer is tough.  Floors are an investment in your home and you want them to last.  The easiest thing to do when choosing a flooring dealer for your renovation or new build is to create a check list of things that are important to you.

               Are they local?  Southpark Flooring in Lafayette, LA is a locally owned business.  Supporting your local economy means your big investment goes right back into the community.  Corporate stores don’t have the great customer service a smaller, local shop likely has.  Choosing a local flooring dealer also means local staff: local installers, local sales staff, and local owners.  They will be directly invested in your project as much as you are. 

               Do they provide personalized service?  Southpark Flooring has an on staff interior designer to help you choose the floors you want for the look you want.  With the expertise and specialized attention Southpark is sure to meet your needs, whether you contract for tenant homes, work in construction for subdivisions, or are building your own custom home. 

               How is their customer service?  Are they readily available and responsive to your questions and concerns?  With a big expense such as flooring comes high anxiety.  Will it be installed properly?  Will it be installed on time?  Who will be in your home or at your construction site?  Make sure the flooring dealer you choose is ready and able to answer these questions and more.  At the end of service, Southpark Flooring does follow-ups to make sure things were done timely and correctly.  This is considered the post-install follow-up and is essential to customer service.