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3940 Verot School Rd | Youngsville LA 70592
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Design & Materials

Tenant Specific Services

Southpark Flooring of Lafayette, Louisiana provides services specifically geared toward tenant housing needs. We provide building materials, maintenance services, housekeeping options, and more for high-traffic and rental properties in the South Louisiana area. Due to the specific needs of building code as well as high-durability requirements, Southpark Flooring offers a specialized service branch to fit your needs. We provide a complete materials and maintenance solution for apartment complexes, condominiums, commercial rental properties and more.

Products & services

  • Flooring Materials, Custom Design, and Professional Installation
  • Custom Cabinets for any commercial building project
  • Carpet, Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate, Vinyl and More
  • Tenant Building Materials and Maintenance Services
  • Unrivaled Customer Service Before and After the Sale

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3940 Verot School Rd | Youngsville LA 70592