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Flooring Stores in Lafayette, LA: Going Local

POSTED ON: 08/01/2020

A local flooring store in Lafayette, LA might not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes time to shop for floors.  Big box stores have ample square footage, so they must have the lion’s share of inventory, right?  Wrong.  Local flooring dealers know that the more choices they give a customer, the more likely they are to broker a sale.  Big box stores tend to focus on what can provide the larger profit, and may not always provide the unique products some homeowners desire.  If what you desire is not in stock, a local flooring store in Lafayette, LA will have no problem special ordering the product for you.

It’s a myth that the best prices come from big box stores as well.  Prices for flooring are determined by vendors, not dealers, so you will get the same price for the same floor at a local store.  However, what you get at a local store you cannot buy.  The customer service you experience at a local dealer cannot be found at most big box stores.  Local businesses depend on local customers, and will work with you to provide the best experience.

When it comes to flooring installation in Lafayette, LA, a local flooring dealer will know exactly who is installing your flooring.  They will have experience, be vetted, and exhibit the utmost professionalism.  The problem with big box stores is they do not always know who will be installing your flooring, and a poorly installed floor is a pricey thing to fix.  Overall, there are no cons to dealing with a local store, and you can be assured that the money you spend on your flooring goes back into the local economy.