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Remodeling your Home to Sell

POSTED ON: 02/01/2020

Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure.  Whether you’re moving into a larger home or relocating for a new job, before you can embark on your new adventure you must sell your current home.  When you put your home up for sale, you want to get the most money out of your investment that you can, and it seems counterintuitive to spend MORE money to get what you want.  However, redoing your floors provides a great return on your investment. 

Choosing the right flooring dealer in Lafayette, LA and having the floors properly installed is important.  They can get you the best price for your new floors and get them installed in a timely manner.  What type of floors provide the best return on investment?  Most real estate agents say wood or some sort of hard-surface flooring.  Engineered hardwood in Lafayette, LA are a great option as they are more durable than traditional solid wood floors and are less susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations as well.  These floors are easy to maintain, durable, and unlike carpet don’t need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.  With proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

What’s involved in replacing your floors before you sell?  Removing the old flooring is a must, whether you use a glue down wood floor, or snap and lock laminate or luxury vinyl planks.  This gives the best surface to lay down the new floor and ensures the longevity of the flooring.  This will provide peace of mind for any potential homebuyer who looks at your house. 

Take a look at the flooring in your kitchen and bathrooms.  Is it dated?  A simple kitchen or bathroom remodel in Lafayette, LA can add tens of thousands of dollars to your sell price.  These high traffic areas see a lot of wear and tear, and a homebuyer will be more impressed by a fresh floor than tired, dated flooring.  When choosing the style of flooring for the home you plan to sell, remember that going neutral is the best option.  Choose timeless classics and avoid anything too trendy.  This will entice more homebuyers who won’t be frightened away by a loud or busy floor.