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Tenant Housing: Ensuring the Longevity of your Building

POSTED ON: 01/02/2020

It’s long been established that renters are hard on the homes they inhabit.  Their emotional and financial investment is less than an owner’s, so how do you, as a landlord or property manager, ensure the longevity of your tenant housing in Lafayette, LA?  Number one:  materials.  Choosing durable flooring and cabinetry is essential to making sure your apartments or condominiums last tenant after tenant. 

Where you need hard flooring, don’t use real wood.  Use a wood substitute like wood look vinyl planks.  Unlike laminate wood-look flooring, vinyl planks are waterproof.  They won’t swell from spills or mopping with too much water.  They are also super easy to clean and maintain.  For high-end condominiums or apartments, harder wood varieties are great options.  Bamboo, hickory, or mahogany are great hardwoods, but will be more expensive.

If you plan to use carpeting in the family living area and the bedrooms there are some rules you can follow to minimize wear and tear.  Number one: choose a dark colored or patterned carpeting. This will minimize the appearance of stains.  This will help ensure your carpeting in Lafayette, LA lasts tenant after tenant, instead of needing to replace the entire unit’s carpeting after every tenant.  If you are more comfortable changing out the carpeting between every tenant, combine a lush, high-profile carpet padding with low-end, inexpensive carpeting.  The plush carpet padding gives the illusion of expensive, cozy carpeting and you can simply replace the low-cost carpeting between tenants. 

Another thing to be mindful of with tenant housing in Lafayette, LA are cabinetry.  Choosing an all-plywood construction cabinet affords the strength needed for multi-family tenant housing.  Consider the finish as well.  A natural wood finish hides imperfections and wear and tear better than painted cabinets.