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Trendy or Classic Design: Pros and Cons

POSTED ON: 04/01/2020

Pinterest gives us all ideas for our home.  Some are better than others, some are sure not to last, so when we choose an aesthetic for our home it is important to remember that a costly purchase like flooring and cabinetry should be bought to last through trends and cycles of style.  The first rule of thumb is to buy what you like.  It is your home, and unless you plan on selling in the near future, you are the one who will live day in and day out with your flooring and cabinet choices. Whether something is currently “in” or “out” should not matter.  Trends cycle, and what is now out will once again become in, and simply because something is trending does not mean it is not a classic, like white subway tiles or marble countertops. 

Trending in cabinetry currently is, of course, the all-white cabinetry.  White cabinets in Lafayette, LA will never go out of style, and they are trending in a major way right now.  They are clean and sleek, and fit in all styles of kitchens from modern to transitional to more traditional looks.  Dark kitchen cabinets are popular at the moment as well, and while not for everyone, make a bold style statement that is sure to get people’s attention.  A clean and sleek no hardware look is also dominating in modern kitchens, with push open doors.  The benefit to these cabinets is cost-savings on hardware and the easy to clean flat surfaces. 

Handmade tile floors are seeing a surge in kitchens and bathrooms.  Tile flooring like terracotta tiles, hand-painted cement tiles, and more are being seen in homes across the board, and while wood floors in the kitchens had been popular in recent years, more and more homes are having kitchens tiled.  Of course, if wood is what you desire it is never a bad choice.  Wood floors always will be a top choice for many homeowners, and since they come in a wide range of widths, sheens, shades, and tones, you cannot choose wrong.