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Why Choose Semi Custom Cabinets in Lafayette, Louisiana?

POSTED ON: 05/01/2020

A lot of people assume that if you can’t afford truly custom cabinets, the only other option are stock cabinets that can lack in efficiency and design.  This is where semi-custom cabinets in Lafayette, LA come in.  Semi-custom cabinets are essentially stock cabinets with extra detailing options for different price points.  More expensive than truly stock cabinets, but less expensive than 100% custom cabinets in Lafayette, LA, semi-custom cabinets offer more options when it comes to finish, style, interior layout, and more.  Standard sizes do apply, however.

While not built to your exact specifications like custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets are the best of both worlds: budget friendly and give you enough input on design and layout to feel like you truly got the custom kitchen you long for.  Semi-custom cabinets in Lafayette, LA are great options for smaller kitchens and tighter kitchen remodeling budgets.  They’re great for when the main focus of your kitchen remodeling budget is not on the cabinets themselves but on other things such as high-end appliances, reconfiguring plumbing and kitchen layout, and more. 

If you are living in your starter home, semi-custom cabinets are a great way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank and will add value to your home when it is time to resell. You can choose from a set of colors and finishes offered by stores that offer semi-custom cabinets like Southpark Flooring and work with their in-house designer to choose hardware and more to match your aesthetic.