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Wood Planks: Narrow or Wide?

POSTED ON: 03/01/2020

With the variety of hardwood floors, engineered hardwood, wood look laminate, and luxury vinyl planks on the market these days, it is hard to know which style to choose and how the floor can affect the overall aesthetic of your home.  Dark or light, narrow or wide, hand-scraped or smooth, beveled edge or not?  The options are endless. 

For small rooms that you want to feel larger, going with a wide plank, lighter toned flooring can help the space feel more expansive.  Narrow rooms also benefit from wider plank flooring if you want the room to feel wider.  Wide plank wood floors tend to give a space a more casual feel.  If your desired aesthetic is modern farmhouse for instance, wide plank wood floors in a light color will be your best choice.  Southpark Flooring in Lafayette, LA has onsite designers, so if you’re unsure of which color would suit your modern farmhouse best have them come take a look.  They can help you find floors you need to achieve the look you desire.

Narrow planks are more associated with formal, antique spaces.  How you lay narrow planks can alter the feel of the room as well.  Laying boards vertically along the longer wall of a room makes a room feel narrower, while laying them perpendicular the longer wall makes the room feel wider.  Darker boards also affect the formality of a space.  Darker floors tend to have a more rich and formal look, compared to the lighter boards than can look vintage and rustic.